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Books & Writers Weekend Friday September 2016

Books & Writers Weekend Friday September 2016



Books & Writers Weekend Friday September 2016

The Curnow Reader: Emma Neale

In memory of Allen Curnow and his generosity towards Going West, we invite a poet of note to read each year from recent work. Curnow’s voice resonates down the years; ‘Not I, some child, born in a mavellous year/ Will learn the trick of standing upright here’ remains a mantra to express our sense of national identity. The reading offered in Curnow’s name, and with gratitude to the late Jeny Curnow who continued in her support for Going West, is this year delivered by poet, prose writer and editor Emma Neale. During his time as poet laureate Vincent O’Sullivan described Emma as having an “eager, informed, needle-eyed engagement with the contemporary world”. We look forward to sharing Emma’s view of the world as she reads from her most recent collection Tender Machines, along with poems from previous works.


The Sir Graeme Douglas Orator: Maualaivao Albert Wendt

From the earliest days of New Zealand writing through to the present, there has been an ever-shifting idea of who holds the centre, what is the norm, which voices speak for us as a nation. And from the earliest days, voices from the edges have challenged the centre, for the right to considered part of New Zealand’s collective voice. As one of the first Pacific voices to successfully issue that challenge, Maualaivao Albert Wendt opened the way for many writers who have followed. As this year’s esteemed Sir Graeme Douglas orator, he will explore the theme of ‘from the edges’ in his own vital and distinctive voice.



Stuff I Forgot to Tell My Daughter: Michèle A’Court

Sometimes a book has its origins in unexpected places. The book Michèle A’Court published in 2015, Stuff I Forgot to Tell My Daughter, began life as a list. Liberated from the daily minutiae when her daughter left home, Michèle suddenly found the time she’d never had as a parent – to think about being a parent. Mostly, she spent the time wondering if she’d told her daughter everything she needed to know – such as how to store ginger, get rid of bloodstains, calculate GST, stop your tights snagging, the meaning of feminism. The resulting list became a solo comedy show and evolved into a funny, wise, honest and maybe even useful book.

At Going West this year Michèle will deliver the hit comedy show that inspired the book.


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