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Books & Writers Weekend September 2016

Books & Writers Weekend September 2016

Sunday 11th


New Voices

New Kiwi Women Write started as an attempt to give migrant women a ‘room of one’s own’, for a few hours a week, to engage in the art of writing. This series of creative writing workshops started in 2011, where 20 women attended from 10 different countries, and that diversity has only increased over the years. After each series of workshops, the women’s work has been collected and published as New Kiwi Women Fly.

Poet, playwright and doctor Renee Liang, the creative driver behind the workshops, will give a background to the programme, then pass the stage to four writers who have attended previous workshops. Gloria Poupard-Walbridge, Himali McInnes, Katerina Patitsas and Amèlia Homs Ferrer will share their cultural and geographic background and their writing with us.


Books & Writers Weekend September 2016

Reckoning with Women

In her ground-breaking book A History of New Zealand Women, Barbara Brookes has her gaze firmly on the lives and experiences of New Zealand women over the last 200 years. Examining how we got where we are today, Barbara tells the stories of those women on the first waka through to the Grammy and Man Booker prize-winning young women of the current decade. In conversation with Judith Pringle, Barbara will be discussing her book, the 25-year process of creating it, along with her own story and those of the women she features. Together they will also discuss the ongoing importance of recording, remembering and honouring the women that went before, for the women yet to come.


Books & Writers Weekend September 2016
Books & Writers Weekend September 2016

In small places

A nostalgic affection for small town and rural New Zealand hides something deeper and more raw in The Party Line, the first novel from Sue Orr, and Waitapu, the debut short story collection from Helen Margaret Waaka.

The Party Line is an enthralling novel of individual bravery versus silent, collective complicity, set in a vividly drawn farming community in 1970s New Zealand. It is a coming- of-age story for two young girls who hold a mirror up to the place and people they love. it’s a coming-of-age too, for a community forced to stare back at the image of who it really is.

In Waitapu, a series of intertwined short stories explore community, connection and belonging in a small New Zealand town. As each story unfolds, characters and details build on each other as secrets are uncovered, past hurts are confronted and kindness triumphs. Joined by poet and reviewer Paula Green, Sue and Helen will explore the roots of their stories and the themes weaving through the two books.

Sponsored by Bayleys Real Estate Team, Titirangi.



Books & Writers Weekend September 2016

The future is unwritten

What is the role of the media in the changing landscape of the internet, the global networks of ownership, and its ability to discuss, confront and provide space for the important issues of our time? Don’t Dream it’s Over: Reimagining Journalism in Aotearoa New Zealand investigates the media as it once was, as it is today, as we imagine it to be and what it might become.

Editor and contributor Giovanni Tiso is joined by contributors Simon Wilson, Paula Penfold and Sara Vui-Talitu to examine the current state of journalism in this country and where it may be headed.




Sunday afternoon is sponsored by the Ockham Foundation


Books & Writers Weekend September 2016
Books & Writers Weekend September 2016

Navigating the in-between

Poetry can be a compass, a tool for the poet to find the places and identities they can inhabit. In Entangled Islands by Serie Barford, peoples and cultures meet and intertwine in a medley of memories, imagination and genealogy, navigating through the entangled history of New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, and of her Pālagi and German-Samoan heritage.

In This Paper Boat, Gregory Kan traces his own history through the lives and written fragments of Iris Wilkinson (aka Robin Hyde), of his parents and of their parents. In these poems, rich in understatedly beautiful imagery, two authors, their families and their many ghosts navigate oceans, forests, gardens and houses in New Zealand Singapore, China, and in dreams. Our guide on the journey through these two writers’ work will be poet Robert Sullivan.

Books & Writers Weekend September 2016

Sounds from the South

For a worldwide community of music fans, Flying Nun, that iconic independent record label from outside the mainstream, defined the voice and sound of New Zealand. Label founder Roger Shepherd has recently penned In Love With These Times, an engrossing memoir of his life with Flying Nun.

A spirit of adventure and independence characterised the Flying Nun ethos and that of bands such as The Chills, The Clean, Chris Knox and The Tall Dwarfs, The Verlaines, Sneaky Feelings, The Bats, Straitjacket Fits and many more. In his long-awaited memoir, Roger describes the idealism and passion that drove the project in the first place, the hard realities of the music industry and the constant tension between art and commerce.

At Going West this year Roger will be sharing his best stories with RNZ Checkpoint host and avid Flying Nun fan John Campbell.

Books & Writers Weekend September 2016

A craft brew

Once upon a time in New Zealand, two huge breweries had the beer market cornered, dictating our choices and squeezing out anyone with a different story to tell. But as Jules van Cruysen demonstrates in his first book Brewed: A Guide to the Craft Beer of New Zealand, things have definitely changed. Dozens of independent craft breweries have risen up to challenge the big players. With a little help from Te Radar, Jules will share some of the stories behind the craft beer explosion, explore craft beer culture and give the Going West audience a taste of some of New Zealand’s best craft beers.

This light-hearted and interactive session rounds out the weekend. Audience members will have a chance to taste and rate some mystery craft beers, and see how their tasting notes compare with the experts. Beers for the tasting have been generously provided by some of the best of our local craft breweries – Hallertau, Liberty Brewing Co, Epic, Sawmill Brewery and Funk Estate.


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