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Sister Anzac

Sister Anzac

So many people tell of how their fathers, mothers, grandparents lived out lives of silent torment, unable to tell their loved ones of their experiences in war. Often the wounds were not physical and played out in excessive drinking, depression or anger. So although there is a renewed and revitalised interest in both WWI and […]

Maurice and Maurice.

Two writers of an age and place. Postwar and Waitakere. One explores the darker secrets of life in the late 1900’s and other one, the processes that colonise indigenous people. We are lucky to have the support of Maurice Gee at Going West,’one of our most loved and revered writers’. His biographer is Rachel Barrowman […]

Glenn Strutting His Stuff at Going West

Glenn Strutting His Stuff at Going West

The tricky part of this sort of stuff, i.e. Going West programme making, is trying to read the nature of cultural exchange across generations. It is much easier for me to read the contemporary print culture than that of global postdigital natives. Finding speakers who can tell stories with vision and imagination to a lot […]

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