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Going West

Going West

Megan Carter


Going West

Anna Fomison

Going West

Naomi McCleary


Going West

Robyn Mason

Going West

Angela Radford


Going West

Murray Gray


What a pleasure it has been working on Going West this year. We have finally found our home under the auspices of the Waitakere Local Board and with the support of the Chair, Sandra Coney. Going West has finally come back to the West, its original home when we had a Waitakere City.

The Going West Trust has now taken over responsibility for the production of the festival and all the preparation is now done out here, in Titirangi and Glen Eden. What does this mean? Well, we now have weekly production meetings out here; the team meets in person and all communication becomes personal and almost instant. There is a group of five smart women putting the pieces together, all of who have some idea of the ethos we have developed. Everyone has specific roles and the festival is running like a well-oiled machine.

Naomi produces, writes the programme, communicates with the speakers and makes cheese puffs. Megan has mastered the intricacies of social media, Anna develops marketing and advertising while Angela pursues publicity with an experienced style that is remarkable. Joining me on programming, Robyn brings her years of library training to help with a group of session ideas, the intention being for her to take over when I am finally past it – around 2016. This framework will ensure that Going West carries on well into the next decade.

Meanwhile all is on track for 2014 – ‘Small Islands of Meaning’ Titirangi War MemorialHall, September 12 to 14.


Murray Gray-Programme Director



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