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Why This Book – Tumbledown Manor

Why This Book – Tumbledown Manor

Tumbledown Manor, Helen Brown’s latest book made its way to me through Abba at Allen & Unwin. Helen is an expatriate Kiwi, living and working in Oz. She is also an experienced journalist and this is supremely evident in the craft she applies to her story. It is a simple tale of love, redemption and old houses. Lisa buys a derelict and somewhat largish house in the Victorian countryside, on the edge of the outback. It may have ghosts and there is a scandal lurking in the background. And that’s not all! Her grandfather, Alexander, once owned this very house and had his way with the staff. Complications ensue. Helen is talking with colleague and old mate Lindsey Dawson which may expose the truth in the story or the story of the truth.


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