Audio From the Archives: Small Holes in the Silence, Words and Melody and Alchemy from Ashes

Going West Festival and Auckland Libraries are delighted to bring you the second set of recordings from the 2017 Books and Writers Weekend. For your listening pleasure we have uploaded I met a man, by Janet Frame from the opening night performance of Small Holes in the Silence; Words and Melody, a conversation between poet Bill Manhire,  musician and composer Norman Meehan and poet Paula Green; and Alchemy from Ashes a conversation between Catherine Chidgey and Sue Orr

'I Met a Man' by Janet Frame, from the show Small Holes in the Silence


I Met a Man, by Janet Frame. From Small Holes in the SilenceNorman Meehan (composer and piano); Hannah Griffin (vocals) Blair Latham (sax). Introduced by Bill Manhire. Recorded on the opening night of the Going West Books and Writers Weekend; Henderson; September, 2017. 

Permission to set to music the poem I Met a Man from The Goose Bath (2006) by Janet Frame was granted courtesy of the copyright owner The Janet Frame Literary Trust. The Goose Bath has been reprinted in Storms Will Tell: Selected Poems by Janet Frame (Bloodaxe Books, 2008).

Words and Melody, Saturday 9 September 2017


Poet Bill Manhire and musician and composer Norman Meehan join poet Paula Green to discuss their latest collaboration Tell Me My Name, and how they work together to reach a place where, to quote Manhire, “the music doesn’t overpower the words; but neither does it defer to them”.

Alchemy from Ashes, Sunday 10 September 2017


At the heart of The Wish Child, Catherine Chidgey’s extraordinary fourth novel, is an enigmatic voice that tells the story of German families caught up in a nation’s dream. Catherine is in conversation with fellow fiction writer Sue Orr.