Read with Murray: The Man Who Would Not See by Rajorshi Chakraborti

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"This is an outsider view from the inside and an unusual one for many whose perceptions of the immigrant experience is based on Indian Ink.

Two brothers, separated as children, but both growing up Calcutta, come together as adults in New Zealand. But a grudge that has festered through all his adult life seems to inform Ashim, the visiting brother as he appears to want to demolish the comfortable life Abhay and wife Lena have established in Wellington. Abhay's world as a Kiwi is remarkably well drawn as the tension mounts and Ashim's motivation is not as obvious as initially thought. The marriage is put under pressure and the brothers appear to reconcile? But to what end and whose advantage?"

"Chakraborti possesses the gift for good storytelling” - The Telegraph, India

Discover Rajorshi Chakraborti's session at the Going West Books and Writers Weekend on Saturday 15 September at 11am | Writing the Landscape of Family Te Tuhi i te Whakapapa o te Whānau