Read with Murray: The Hunters by Debbie Stewart.

the hunters.jpg

You are driving down almost any road in this country and you see, a way off, road kill.

Some unfortunate animal, usually a small mammal, has been killed and is in the process of being flattened by a thousand tires. But there is still a feed left for the scavengers. Is it a hawk or a falcon?

What is the difference? Is it a native? Debbie Stewart's book offers an insight into the hunters – the native birds of prey beginning with the largest, but now extinct, Haasts Eagle thought to be the largest raptor ( a bird that catches prey with its feet and has a hooked beak suitable for subduing prey and tearing flesh into edible chunks) to the smallest owlets. She also tells the story of Wingspan the organisation established to care for and promote the survival of these birds.

A great reference to keep in the car!

Debbie Stewart will speak about her book The Hunters, the precarious lives of NZ’s birds of prey during the On Fragile Wings session: Sunday 16 September at 9:15 am.