Glenn Strutting His Stuff at Going West

The tricky part of this sort of stuff, i.e. Going Westprogramme making, is trying to read the nature of cultural exchange across generations. It is much easier for me to read the contemporary print culture than that of global postdigital natives. Finding speakers who can tell stories with vision and imagination to a lot of people is the tricky bit. Glenn Colquhoun is our 'special bloke' this year Why Glenn Colquhoun? Because he writes funny but personal about stories about his world. Glenn has been at a few festivals in the last 20 years and is always generous with his time and his graceful wit. I have asked him to read a stanza from Alistair Te Ariki Cambell's poem Gallipoli. He will later read from his new work, a set of pieces Myths and Legends of the Ancient Pakeha in which he reflects on some of the sessions he has attended over the years. It is delightful to have the response I had Steele Roberts, publisher of Glenn's books. Poetry books for prizes and such are donated. As objects poetry books are the exquisite jewels in our publishing ---always modern in design with a tarnish of precedent and satisfying to hold; always a light carry and capable of being folded up and pocketed. Mind, you can probably get the words off the webtube.