Sister Anzac


So many people tell of how their fathers, mothers, grandparents lived out lives of silent torment, unable to tell their loved ones of their experiences in war. Often the wounds were not physical and played out in excessive drinking, depression or anger. So although there is a renewed and revitalised interest in both WWI and WWII, and a greater sense of what was sacrificed and lost, there is much that remains untold.

Sister Anzac is one of those stories. It tells of the nurses who went to Gallipoli on the hospital ship Maheno. Unrecognised by the military and by their own profession they served amidst the horror of WWI. This is a poignant and personal story embracing love and the human spirit and celebrating the strength and courage of our New Zealand women.

Sister Anzac is a not-to-be-missed experience. Comments in response to an earlier season at the Devonport Naval Base - - - - I came along with some trepidation, as matters relating to the war commemorations are not of particular interest to me. Well that’s what I thought! The show brought alive the experiences of so many women that have come before me. It was a window into a world that has previously not resonated with me. So excited was I that I went back to see the ‘in promenade’ session - and brought four friends!! They were all transfixed, with one exclaiming later that she would “never forget it”. You had us eating out of your hands. Laughing, crying, crying, caring, hurting – wow! or phone iTICKET 09 361 1000 Full: $32 • Concession: $27 • Group bookings (6 or more): $27

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