Welcome to Going West. Every year we celebrate the very best stories and storytellers of Aotearoa New Zealand with the Going West Books & Writers Festival, based in Titirangi in Auckland's Waitakere Ranges.


Books and Writers 

If a year is a book, this one is full of plot twists, unexpected narratives, surprising characters and ever-shifting viewpoints. Change. Transition. Metamorphosis. These in between states, these transitional moments and points of crossing over, shape Going West 2017: Between here and there.


From poetry slams and spoken word competitions to readings set to music and the annual Curnow reader Going West 2017 has a wealth of events for poetry lovers.

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Theatre and Film

We are experiencing an explosion of theatre and film that tells the stories of our diverse cultures, both historical and contemporary. Going West 2017 brings you some of the best local creations in partnership with Te Pou Theatre and Lopdell House

Free Events

From the fun filled Whānau day at Te Pou Theatre to the launch of Outside the Square and the Indie Book Fair Going West 2017 has loads of free activities for you.